Gems also give you freedom from diseases

Gems also give you freedom from diseases

Medicine and disease are two sides of the same coin. For the treatment of diseases, man sometimes takes refuge in medicines, and sometimes in various alternative medicine systems. Man's life is subject to threefold heats. All these diseases come under the category of adhidaivik, adhibhautik and spiritual heat. Some of these heat (diseases) are cured by the effect of medicines, but there are some such heats, which medicines are not able to cure. For the treatment of the effects caused by these heats, man takes refuge in yantra-mantra-tantra and gems.

Gemstones not only benefit us in astrological form, but they are also used for the treatment of many types of diseases. Among them, the consumption of pishti and ashes of gems and wearing of gems are important. Just as astrologers recommend wearing gemstones to solve problems by making the planetary condition favorable, similarly doctors have declared gems useful for various diseases. This principle of his has been recognized in Ayurveda as well. Various effects of gems have been the subject of Ayurveda science under physiology. In the medical texts, the ashes of gems, pishti etc. have been used for hundreds of years for the cessation of incurable diseases. It would be pertinent to mention here that which gemstone can be used for the mitigation of which disease.

Jaundice or Gemstone

In jaundice, the patient's skin and eyes turn yellow. Urine also comes in yellow color. Disorders arise in his gall bladder and liver. In such a situation, the amount of red blood cells in the body decreases and the body of the person becomes inactive and weak.

Major astrological causes of jaundice
1. From the point of view of astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the cause of jaundice.
2. If there is a combination of Mars and Moon in the sixth house, then the person may suffer from jaundice.
3. If malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu have a vision or conjunction on Jupiter, then there is a possibility of jaundice in the interior of the Guru.
4. If Saturn is in the eighth house, then there is a possibility of jaundice in the dasha of the eighth, sixth or Shani.
5. If there are weak planets in the fourth, fifth and seventh house with Moon or new moon is born, there is no sight of Jupiter on Sun and Moon, or Rahu is in the ascendant and Moon and Ketu are in the seventh house, then there is a possibility of jaundice. They are formed and as soon as the dasha-antarda of an inauspicious house or a weak planet comes, the person becomes ill due to this.
6. Jaundice disease occurs even if there is Moon in the Navamsha of Leo.
Remedy : For people with Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant, Topaz can prove to be very useful for the treatment of jaundice. People with Aries and Cancer ascendant can also wear topaz for this. Topaz is a cooling substance. Its use is beneficial in jaundice. Due to this, digestion and digestion activities start increasing. Sleep also comes peacefully. The man does not wake up in his sleep in panic. The amazing power of quenching anger and increasing intellect is contained in this gem. For jaundice, yellow topaz weighing five and a half ratti is worn in a silver ring on Thursday, then jaundice can be cured. People with the rest of the ascendant should donate topaz gemstone to get rid of jaundice and should wear a rosary of five faced Rudraksha of the best quality.

Back Pain or Gemstone

Sitting in one place for a long time or working in the same position or carrying heavy loads or sleeping on an uncomfortable bed increases the risk of Back Pain.

Major astrological causes of Back Pain
1. According to astrology, Saturn is the cause of such diseases.
2. The Virgo sign of Mercury represents the waist. If there is a vision of sinful planets or Saturn-Moon conjunction on this zodiac, then the possibilities of backache increase.
Remedy : Ruby and coral should be worn by such persons. It must be kept in mind that Sun or Mars is in auspicious position in the horoscope. Otherwise, you should wear another four-faced Rudraksha.

Allergy or Gemstone

Allergy is a disease which occurs when the physical nature of the human being is not favorable or the environmental balance is not favorable for his body. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this disease. This disease is likely to cause eczema, high fever, fainting or headache.

Major Astrological Causes of Allergies
1. From the point of view of astrology, Moon, Jupiter and Sun are considered to be the cause of this disease.
2. If Moon, Jupiter and Sun are situated in their respective debilitated signs, Moon is strong but with Rahu-Saturn, Cancer or Virgo ascendant Mars is in debilitated Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, then there are chances of allergies. stays longer.
Remedy : Such persons should wear gems of cool nature like pearls. Wearing topaz will also prove beneficial for them. Be sure to follow their basic principles in wearing a gemstone. If pearls and topaz gemstones cannot be worn according to the horoscope, then wear two-faced and five-faced Rudraksha.

Amnesia (Memory Defects)

Extremely stressful situation, sensitivity and emptiness of thoughts cause defects in the nervous system of man, due to which the person gets memory defects. The person starts forgetting the past events, his nature becomes forgetful. As this dosha increases, imbalance arises in his living and eating habits.

Major astrological causes of Memory Defects
1. From the point of view of astrology, if the Lagna or Ascendant is afflicted by sinful planets or Sun-Mercury in Aries are afflicted by Saturn-Venus, then the complaint of memory defects increases.
2. The combination of Sun, Mars and Saturn in Aries is also the cause of this disease.
3. This disease gives more pain in the Mahadasha or Sade Sati of Saturn.
4. Saturn, Mandi and Rahu should be situated in the fifth house. If the malefic planet is not aspected and aspected and the fifth lord is aspected by sin, then the person becomes forgetful or does not pay attention to things.
5. If the intelligent planet is sinful and the fifth lord is situated in the sinful and cruel sixth, then the person, being intelligent, is going to forget.
Remedy : Such people should wear pearl or ruby ​​in the form of a locket around the neck. It should be kept in mind that the planets related to the gem should not have inauspicious expressions in the horoscope, otherwise donate them and wear Ganesha, double-faced and one-faced Rudraksha. Similarly, if a bracelet made of silver, gold, copper and glass is made and worn in the hand, then the memory defect will be prevented to a great extent.

Heart Disease or Gemstone


Heart disease does not fall under any one disease category. There are many reasons behind this disease. Heart attack or perforation in the heart or blood clot in the arteries of the heart, many such disorders fall under the category of heart disease. In this disease, there is intense pain in the heart, due to which the person becomes unconscious. Sometimes the intense pain of this pain even makes him sleep in the lap of death.

Major Astrological causes of Heart Disease
1. The effect of malefic planets on both the fourth and fifth houses is considered as the main cause of this disease.
2. If there is a vision of Rahu on the Sun and the Moon, then the possibility of heart pain increases.
3. If there is a malefic planet in the fourth house and the fourth house is with the malefic planets.
4. Cancer and Leo zodiac signs are under the control of the heart. Whose lord planets are Moon and Sun. If Sun, Mars and Jupiter are in the fourth house, then there is a possibility of heart disease.
5. If Rahu-Mars are also together, then the person consumes intoxicants, which increases the chances of this disease.
6. If the Jupiter aspected by Sun or Moon is situated in the Ascendant, then there is a possibility of heart disease arising due to grossness.
Remedy : Such a person should wear coral or topaz, provided that Mars or Jupiter is not inauspicious. Wearing Panchmukhi Rudraksh garland around the neck with Elevenmukhi Rudraksh will definitely benefit.

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