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Ekakshi Nariyal-Shwetark Ganpati Package

Ekakshi Nariyal-Shwetark Ganpati Package

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In Hinduism, it is believed that some trees and plants are the abode of deities. Lord Ganesha is believed to reside in the Shwetarka, which is a white Aak tree. The roots of this tree take on the form of Lord Ganesha, and they are worshipped as such. The Ekakshi Nariyal (single-eyed coconut) is also considered to have special properties related to wealth and prosperity. In homes where worship is offered to Shwetarka Ganpati and the Ekakshi Nariyal, there is believed to be no shortage of wealth. Therefore, on Diwali and special occasions, the installation of Lord Ganesha along with the Ekakshi Nariyal is performed in homes and places of business. This worship package includes not only Shwetarka Ganpati and the Ekakshi Nariyal but also a Shri Yantra, Sphatik Shri Yantra locket, Gomati Chakra, and a Kamalgatte mala. It is well-known that the Shri Yantra is associated with the fulfillment of all desires, including wealth. The Gomati Chakra is also considered to bring prosperity, while the Kamalgatte mala is considered most suitable for reciting the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi. In this worship package, proper rituals have been performed for Shwetarka Ganpati, the Ekakshi Nariyal, and all the other items. Instructions for the worship are also provided along with it.

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