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Vastu Dosha Nashak Yantra Package 2

Vastu Dosha Nashak Yantra Package 2

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Do you know that these problems can arise due to Vastu defects: household problems, obstacles in progress, family members facing health issues, infertility, loss in business, job-related issues, suspension or dismissal, unemployment, obstacles in child's destiny, insomnia, unknown fears, depression, and more? Usually, rectifying Vastu defects is done based on breaking and reconstruction of the building, which can be costly and may not be applicable in all situations.

In such a situation, for remedial measures based on Vastu, Dharma Shastra, and Jyotish, the "Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra Package" can be a helpful solution. This package is used to mitigate Vastu defects in various types of properties, including homes, shops, offices, showrooms, factories, etc. It is applied during special auspicious occasions like Diwali, Dhanteras, Ravi Pushya Yoga, Sarvarthsiddhi Yoga, and more. This Yantra package assists in mitigating defects in eight directions. Additionally, separate Yantra packages are available for mitigating defects in four and ten directions. All the items provided in this worship package have been consecrated and can be used for Vastu defect-focused worship. Detailed worship instructions are also included.

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