Collection: Coral (Moonga)

Product Information

Product Introduction

This is natural, original and beautiful Red Coral (Moonga) for astrology and other purpose. The quality of the Red Coral is very good. Red Coral (Moonga) is the Mars stone. It is suitable for person whose body weight is up to 112 Kg.

Product Benefits

Coral protects the wearer from enemies and evil spirits. Also, it acts as a shield and protects the wearer from accidents, cuts, operations, and surgery. The energy of Red Coral gemstone can help to lead a healthy mind and a healthy body.
Apart from treating Mangal Dosh, red coral stone is also worn by individuals to treat severe issues related to marital life. Wearing red coral gemstones can boost up fertility levels by leaps and bounds and increase the odds of conceiving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any negative effect of wearing coral?

Wearing a fake or low-quality coral can bring negative effects, such as ill health or financial problems. It is important to ensure that the coral used is of good quality and astrologically suitable for the individual.

Can coral gemstone be worn with other gemstones?

Yes, coral can be worn with other gemstones, but it is important to ensure that the combination is astrologically compatible.

What are the benefits of wearing coral gemstones?

Coral is believed to bring energy, courage, determination, and protection, and to improve relationships and fertility.

What is coral gemstone?

Coral gemstone is a natural organic material, primarily composed of calcium carbonate, that is harvested from the skeletons of marine organisms.