Ichchhapurti Kachchhap Shriyantra Divya Chauki

Ichchhapurti Kachchhap Shriyantra Divya Chauki

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Are you facing an increase in financial difficulties? Is your stuck debt not being cleared? Are you engulfed in severe financial troubles? Is financial stress bothering you, including loans? Are you in need of bank or government assistance? Is the acquisition of land or housing becoming elusive? Is your financial situation deteriorating day by day? Is overspending causing problems?

To help alleviate these issues, the "Icchapurti Kachchap Shriyantra Divya Chauki' (Permanent Lakshmi Attainment with Kachhap Shri Yantra Divine Set) is here. This worship package includes 21 divine items: Kachhap Shri Yantra set, Shri Lakshmi-Ganesha idols (murtis), Shri Kubera key, Shri Kubera Yantra, Dakshinavarti Shankh (right-handed conch), Shri Lakshmi footprints plate, Shri Yantra-Lakshmi locket, Bhagyavardhak Lakshmi Puja coin, Shri Mangal Kalash, five cowrie shells, Gomati Chakra, small coconut (Shriphal), Kamalgatte mala, Panchratna, Nagkesar, Red Gunja, Shri Lakshmi Bisa Yantra, Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra, Shri Kubera statue, Ichhapurti Kachhap ring, and other worship items.

Looking at all these items, you must have realized that this worship, based on the worship of all goddesses and gods associated with wealth and prosperity, can help alleviate the above-mentioned problems and lead to the attainment of wealth and prosperity. Each item is divine in its own right, and when all 21 divine items are used together, the results will be positive. All the items in this worship package have been consecrated and can be used for wealth-focused worship. Detailed worship instructions are also provided.

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