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Sphatik Shri Yantra Golden Package

Sphatik Shri Yantra Golden Package

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If you desire an increase in material comforts, freedom from financial constraints, and growth in stagnant income, and if you are troubled by issues related to wealth and prosperity, then the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera becomes necessary. The basis of this worship method is the "Crystal Shri Yantra Golden Puja Package." The Shri Yantra is considered the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, and a crystal Shri Yantra, made of crystal, is considered one of the best Shri Yantras. It is believed to be as effective as gold and silver Shri Yantras. The Ekakshi Nariyal (single-eyed coconut) is considered inherently auspicious for wealth. It is believed that in homes where a crystal Shri Yantra and an Ekakshi Nariyal are present, there is no shortage of wealth. Lord Kubera is the deity of wealth and prosperity. His worship is performed for the acquisition of lasting wealth. Gomati Chakra, Kamalgatte mala, and other items are also considered to bring prosperity. This package includes a crystal Shri Yantra, an Ekakshi Nariyal, a Kamalgatta mala, Gomati Chakra, and a Kubera Yantra, among other items. All the items provided in this worship package have been consecrated and can be used for wealth-focused worship. Detailed worship instructions are also included.

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