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Sampurna Lakshmi Kripa Package

Sampurna Lakshmi Kripa Package

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If you want the grace of Goddess Lakshmi to remain on you, attain abundance and prosperity, receive the full results of your hard work, and have the protection of Mother Lakshmi, ensuring lasting happiness in your home, then it is considered best to worship deities like Lakshmi and Ganesha. In the complete Lakshmi grace attainment worship package, various prosperity-inducing items are provided, such as a crystal Shri Yantra in the form of Mount Meru, a crystal Lakshmi idol (murti), a crystal Ganesha idol (murti), crystal Lakshmi footprints, Dakshinavarti Shankh (right-handed conch), a crystal Shri Yantra locket, a crystal mala, and more. All the items included in this worship package have been consecrated and can be used for prosperity-focused worship. Along with this, detailed worship instructions are also provided.

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