Gemstones bring success in Competitive Exams

Gemstones bring success in Competitive Exams

Be it beauty or future, the effect of gems is not unknown. In the first hymn of the first hymn of the first mandala of gveda, Agni is addressed as 'Ratnadhatamam', that is, the wearer of gems.
To achieve success in this age of competition, one has to take the test at every step. It is here that along with the karma of a person, his fate is also tested. If success is not being achieved in spite of full hard work, then there is definitely some defect in the horoscope, due to which the planet is not giving its full effect even though it is beneficial and the person is not getting proper benefits of hard work. The student takes many measures to get success in the competition. If we calculate logical measures in astrology, then the effects of tantra-mantra-yantra and gems cannot be denied. The planets which the native did not get full at the time of birth and the planets which are not getting fruitful by not attaining their full puberty, can be made more effective by strengthening the planets by these measures. The importance of gems in these remedies cannot be denied.
According to the gems, whatever planets are auspicious in the horoscope, but they are located in a dormant or weak state, then a gem has been prescribed for each planet to give them strength, which makes those planets auspicious and fruitful.
Before wearing gems, we should examine the horoscope and see that which are the inauspicious planets for us in the horoscope? Gemstones of planets giving inauspicious results should never be worn. The sixth, eighth and twelfth houses in the horoscope come under the chain of misfortunes, so it would not be appropriate to wear gems of the owners of these houses, because by wearing their gems, they can become stronger and do more evil. After contemplating all the things, it can be reached to the conclusion that the ascendant, fifth and ninth house are most important in the horoscope of the person, so their gems can greatly affect the life of the person.
The Ascendant house represents the body and mind, the fifth house of learning and competition and the ninth house the fate of a person. These three houses are very important to be successful in any competition.
If the body of the person will not be healthy, then even education or luck will not be able to do anything. That is why in the scriptures it has been called 'the first happiness and healthy body'. Without learning or study, there is no thought of being successful in any competition. Luck is paramount, because no matter how much we study, no matter how hard we work, we cannot achieve success unless luck will accompany us. On the basis of these expressions, we should determine the suitable gemstone for ourselves. Which gemstone will be suitable for us to succeed in the competition? Such a gem that can prove beneficial in every competition of life, whether it is commercial, intellectual or domestic. Come, let us choose a suitable and lucky gem according to our ascendant for success in the competition.
Aries Ascendant : For the people of Aries ascendant, Mars is the Ascendant, Sun is the fifth lord and Jupiter is Bhagyesh. Ascendant Mars is also the eighth lord in Aries ascendant, which can also be considered to be the cause of death, but it is automatically avoided due to the presence of Ascendant. Wearing Mangal Ratna coral will be beneficial for health, longevity, respect and prestige for the person. Sun is the lord of the fifth house i.e. triangle and Lagna is also a friend of Mars, so the Sun's gem Ruby can be prosperous, child-friendly and state-gracious to the people of Aries ascendant. Similarly, the ninth house lord is the friend of the ascendant Mars and the fifth lord of the Sun, so topaz will give increase in fortune. Since there is also Guru Vyesh (Dwadashesh), but he will not remain evil. Therefore, if the people of this ascendant wear ruby, then they can achieve their desired goal. Wearing coral and topaz together will prove beneficial.
Taurus Ascendant : In Taurus ascendant, the ascendant is Venus, the fifth lord is Mercury and the ninth lord is Saturn. The natives of Venus Gem Diamond Taurus ascendant can wear it fearlessly. Mercury also remains in a good position in Taurus ascendant being the fifth lord. If the people of this ascendant wear emerald, then they will be benefited in wealth, prestige, health, material happiness as well as in industry and business. In addition, Mercury is also a friend of the ascendant Venus and the ninth lord is equal with Saturn, so the emerald being the gem of the sixth lord of Venus will destroy diseases and enemies. Being the lord of the tenth house, the ninth house Shani is very auspicious and the lagna is also a friend of Venus. It remains even from the fifth house, so Saturn can be a good Raj Yogakari for the people of this ascendant. By wearing Shani Ratna Sapphire, the person will get state grace, wealth.
Gemini Ascendant : In Gemini ascendant, the ascendant is Mercury, the fifth lord is Venus and the ninth lord is Saturn. For the natives in this ascendant, Mercury is the ascendant and the fourth lord and the fifth lord Venus is also the spendthrift. Navamsha Shani is also the lord of the eighth house. Mercury Ratna Emerald can prove to be a protective shield for the people of this ascendant. If emerald Bhagyesh Shani Ratna is worn with Sapphire, then it will be highly beneficial. Panchmesh Venus Ratna Diamond will also provide happiness, intelligence, strength to the people of this ascendant, because here the Mooltrikon Rashi falls in the fifth house of Venus and Venus is also a friend of Mercury.
Cancer Ascendant : Ascendant in Cancer ascendant is Moon, Panchmesh Mars and Navmesh Guru. Lagnesh Chandra Ratna pearl will always be auspicious for the people of this ascendant. Pearl will protect health as well as provide growth of life. Panchmesh Ratna Coral will be a yogic factor for Cancer ascendant. If it is worn with coral pearls, it will bring immense success. Similarly, the ninth lord is also the sixth house. If it is worn with coral or pearls, then it will be very fruitful if the Guru Ratna Pukhraj is worn independently.
Leo Ascendant : In Leo Ascendant, the ascendant Sun, the fifth lord, the ninth lord are Mars. Lagnesh Ratna Ruby will be like nectar for the people of this ascendant. The people of this ascendant are seen to be more emotional. Wearing ruby ​​will give them self-confidence and protection of the body. Coral, the gem of Navmesh Mars, will also be lucky for the people of Leo ascendant. If coral is worn with ruby, then it will prove to be more beneficial. It would be better to wear Navmesh Guru Ratna Pukhraj along with Ruby.
Virgo Ascendant : In Virgo ascendant, the ascendant is Mercury, the fifth lord is Saturn and the ninth lord is Venus. Ascendant Mercury is also the tenth lord, so it would be better for the natives of Virgo ascendant to wear emerald. The fifth lord Shani is also in the Virgo ascendant. Although Saturn is not considered inauspicious due to being the lord of the triangle, but being the sixth lord, if Shani gemstone sapphire is worn in the Mahadasha of Shani, then it will be highly appropriate. The ninth lord Venus is also the second lord, so it would be appropriate to wear the ninth lord along with the diamond lagnesh Mercury gemstone emerald.
Libra Ascendant : In Libra ascendant, the ascendant is Venus, the fifth lord is Saturn and the ninth lord is Mercury. Here the Ascendant Venus is also the eighth lord and the fifth lord is also a friend of Shani. Here Shukraratna diamond will act as a shield. Shani Ratna Sapphire has become more yogic in this ascendant. One, this ascendant is a friend of Venus and the ninth lord is equal with Mercury, so if a sapphire is worn with emerald, then the person can achieve success in any work. The ninth lord of Mercury is also the Dwadashesh, which is the root triangle of Mercury. Here Budha Ratna Panna being the owner of the ninth triangle is auspicious, but if it is worn with the diamond of the Ascendant Venus, then it will be more appropriate than wearing it independently.
Scorpio Ascendant : In Scorpio ascendant, the ascendant is Mars, the fifth lord and the ninth moon. There is also ascendant ascendant here. Wearing Moonga, the gemstone of Ascendant Mars here, will prove beneficial just like the people of Aries ascendant. The fifth lord being the second lord is also going to Markesh, so topaz can be fruitful only in the dasha of Jupiter and only with coral. Moti, the gem of the ninth moon, will increase the religion, karma and fortune of the native. If the native of this ascendant wears coral in silver and pearl in gold, then it will be beneficial.
Sagittarius Ascendant : In Sagittarius Ascendant Sun is Bhagyesh, Mars is Panchmesh, Ascendant is Jupiter. In this Ascendant, the master of the center is defective, but due to the presence of the Ascendant, it becomes defect-free. Jupiter is the factor in this ascendant and Bhagyesh is also the friend of Sun, so it will be beneficial for the people of this ascendant to wear topaz with ruby.
Capricorn Ascendant : In Capricorn Ascendant, Ascendant is Saturn, Panchamesh Venus and Bhagyaesh Mercury. Venus is the complete karaka, Saturn is the karaka and Mercury is inauspicious, so both diamond and sapphire will be auspicious and beneficial for the people of Capricorn ascendant. Here Mercury is the sixth lord and is also inauspicious, so wear emerald with the Ascendant gemstone Sapphire.
Aquarius Ascendant : In Aquarius ascendant, the ascendant is Saturn, the fifth lord is Mercury and the ninth lord is Venus. Mercury is the lord of the fifth triangle and the lord of the eighth house for this ascendant. Being the owner of the triangle, it is considered auspicious. Therefore, in the Mahadasha of Mercury, the emerald will prove to be especially fruitful. If Venus gemstone diamond is also worn along with emerald, then it will prove beneficial for achieving success, because Venus being the lord of fourth (centre) and ninth (triangle) for this ascendant, is a yogic planet. Wearing Lagnesh Shani Ratna Sapphire with Emerald will also make Raja Yogakari, so in this Ascendant Shani's Gem Sapphire, Venus Gemstone Diamond and Mercury Gemstone Emerald can be worn.
Pisces Ascendant : In Pisces Ascendant, Ascendant is Jupiter, Panchmesh Moon and Bhagyesh Mars. In this ascendant, Jupiter being the lord of the ascendant and the tenth is an auspicious planet. The people of this ascendant can fulfill their desired wishes by wearing topaz. If Topaz Bhagyesh Ratna is worn with coral, it will bring hopeful success in valor and competitive examinations, so wearing coral, pearl and topaz gemstone will be preferable for the people of this ascendant.

Take care of them too....
• While wearing a gemstone, it must be kept in mind that the gemstone does not represent an inauspicious house, an inauspicious planet. The gems of second lord and seventh lord should be worn after careful consideration. In that case, it should not be worn at all, when it is in an inauspicious position.
• People whose work is related to art, they must wear diamond. Even if Venus is not the karaka planet in the horoscope.
• Persons whose work is related to commerce, mathematics or astrology, they must wear emerald. It has been seen that the planet Mercury has become very dominant in today's era. To do any work, it is necessary for the planet Mercury to be strong.
• Persons whose mind remains unstable, restless, restless and suffers from insomnia, dyspepsia etc., they must wear pearls.
• Persons who want promotion in their job or whose administrative work is getting hampered, such persons must wear Navamesh Bhagyaratna.
• In the selection of gems, priority should be given to the lagna kundali and not the zodiac or birth name.
• On the basis of Vimshotari Dasha, the gemstone of Antardasha will be more effective than Mahadasha.
• Wearing Sapphire gemstone is not beneficial for all people. Sapphire is also considered to be fruitful soon; Therefore, the selection of this gem should be done very carefully.
• If any person has a hindrance to ghosts, then he must wear garlic.
• Wearing topaz is famous for people like doctors, CAs, leaders etc.
• To resolve the dispute of home and husband-wife, diamond or opal must be worn, but women who are desirous of sons should not wear diamond.

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