Wearing a favorable gemstone brings luck

Wearing a favorable gemstone brings luck

In the subject of astrology, there is a lot of importance of wearing gems for the prevention of malefic planets and for the growth of fortune. In remedial astrology, apart from yantra-mantra-tantra methods, specific descriptions of gems are also mentioned. The practice of wearing gemstones to remove the malefic effects of planets is prevalent in astrology, there is also a scientific reason behind it. It is known to all that the effect of solar system rays is on the shape, size and shape of the stones. If a person who is strong and governed by the planets of similar Rashmis is clothed with gems produced in the environment of similar Rashmis, then he is going to give very favorable results. On the contrary, wearing a gemstone can make the person prone to many kinds of loss in life.
Our ancient astrologers had associated various gems with the zodiac and planets according to their effect, so wearing gems according to the zodiac sign of the person and the position of the planets, the astrological method of fortune-telling and evil prevention is very useful. Although in astrological texts, in addition to gems, mantras and hymns have been given to make the time favorable, but they are successful only when the person himself recites them, but in the present times of this competition, very few people get so much time. finds that he himself can recite these mantras and stotras. For this reason also the practice of wearing gemstones has got more promotion in the present time.
In astrology, there are many ways to make the person wear favorable gemstones. In these disciplines, it is most appropriate to wear a suitable gemstone on the basis of the birth chart. The knowledge of predictions through the birth chart is very detailed, therefore, considering the horoscope, birth dasha, ashtakvarga, transit and varsha kundali in the results related to the birth chart, if the person is made to wear a favorable gemstone, then that gem will change the direction of the person's life. will do it. That gem will make the time favorable to the native by providing best results. Although it is difficult to wear a gemstone after deciding from these five circumstances, but in the present article such simple rules have been told, which you can easily understand and wear the gemstone suitable for you.
Horoscope and Gemstone selection
Now let us first consider the selection of gemstones on the basis of the Ascendant Kundali. Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) and triangle (1, 5, 9) in the twelfth house of the horoscope are considered to be auspicious and the triple (6, 8, 12) houses are considered to be inauspicious.
Even in these auspicious houses, triangle houses have special importance and most of all the Ascendant, because the Ascendant has special importance due to being a triangle and a center noun. This belief is absolutely true, but in many situations, even wearing Trikonesh gemstone does not lead to any progress in life. The reason for this is that sometimes trikonesh planets are situated in the trik houses or they become ineffective by coming between the sin planets. In such a situation, there are only possibilities of loss due to wearing the gems of the planets that are the lords of those houses; For example, the Moon being in Bhagyesh or Panchmesh is Kshin (near the new moon date) or in the low sign (early phase of Scorpio sign) and is situated in the triple house forming Papkartari Yoga (between the malefic planets) or Kemadrum Yoga. In such a situation, wearing Moti Ratna (gem of the moon) will only harm the person. Similarly, the Trikesha planet also gives up its inauspicious results when it is situated in the triangle house.
Dasha-Mahadasha and Gem Selection
The decision to wear a gemstone should not be taken only on the basis of the Ascendant Kundali. Dasha also plays an important role in the decision of wearing a gemstone, no matter how good the Trikesha planet may be when it comes to the triangle house, the gem related to it should not be worn in the condition of the same planet. Similarly, if Trikonesh is afflicted by the above-mentioned doshas, ​​then the corresponding gemstone should not be worn even in the condition of these planets.
Now the question arises that which gems should be worn on the basis of the houses and conditions in the horoscope, then its decision is that Lagnesh, Tritesh, Chaturtesh, Panchmesh, Navmesh, Dashmesh and Labhash planets whose dasha is going on and that planet has a triac. If there is no place defect, malefic planet, middle dosha, retrograde defect etc., then by wearing its gemstone, the person progresses in life.
The planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn have two signs each. In many situations, these planets become the lords of both Trikonesh and Trikesha houses. Being the lord of Trikesha (6, 8, 12) houses, if these Panchtaragrahas become the lords of other auspicious houses, then their beloved or Mool Trikona zodiac and vision relationship should be made the basis for deciding on wearing a gemstone.
Astrology describes the favorite signs of the five stars, such as Mars's Aries, Mercury's Virgo, Venus's Libra, Jupiter's Sagittarius and Saturn's Aquarius. These zodiac signs are also the basic triangle signs of these planets.
On this basis, if these zodiac signs are not located in the triple house in any birth chart and if these five star planets also have any kind of relation with their Mooltrikon signs, then the gems related to these planets can be worn. For example, Saturn is the eighth and ninth house in Gemini ascendant. In this situation, if Saturn is situated in the ninth house or makes any kind of relation with this house, then such a person can wear sapphire or other Shani gems when Saturn's dasha comes.
Ashtakvarga and gemstone selection
The house which receives more than 30 lines in the Sarvashtak class, but it is not in the triple (6, 8, 12) or Marak (2, 7) house, then the person should wear the gem of the planet that is the lord of that house. There are great successes. On the basis of Ashtakvarga, which is a strong planet, if its dasha is going on for the person, then wearing the gem of that planet changes the direction of the person's life. That gem proves the best by taking him to the heights of success.
Transit and gemstone selection
The transits of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in the Navagrahas come for a very short duration. Among other planets, Mars transits for one and a half months, Jupiter transits for 13 months, Saturn transits for two and a half years, and Rahu-Ketu transits for one and a half years, so on the basis of transit, the gems of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu The same rule of wearing has been seen in use.
On the basis of the birth chart of the native, wearing the gemstone related to the planet which has the most auspicious transit in these planets leads to progress in the life of the person. If the above-mentioned favorable planets are Trikesh or Marakesh in the birth chart, but trikonadi is situated in auspicious places and is also superior in the Shadvarga, then its gem can be worn on the basis of transit, but one thing should be kept in mind while wearing it. There should be no conditions. If you wear Trikesh or Marrakesh gem while going under the condition of that planet, then it will not be favorable for your health.
Varsha Kundli and Gemstone Selection
Now on the basis of the year horoscope, we decide to wear the auspicious gemstone. If only the yogic planets of the birth chart become yogic in the horoscope, then this is the best yoga. In such a situation, the person's fortune progresses by wearing the gemstone of the said planet. If the Trikesha and Marak planets in the horoscope become yogic in the horoscope, then its gem can also be worn in the same position, when it is situated in the auspicious house of Trikona, if it is in conjunction with the auspicious planets and in their present time. If the dasha is not running, in such a yoga, wearing the gems of the yogic planets in the horoscope of the year gives best results for the person.
Gemstones of an auspicious transiting planet can be worn till its advance zodiac entry and gems determined on the basis of year horoscope can be worn till the advance year entry. Similarly, selected gems should be worn on the basis of dasha, but on the basis of the horoscope, if the most yogic planets and triangles are strong and are situated in auspicious places, then the person can wear the gems of its lord planets throughout life.

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