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Jyotish Sagar

Does God Exist

Does God Exist

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Does God Exist:-God has been most vaguely defined term. None of his worshippers, messengers, messiahs has ever been able to say anything definite about Him. Ask 10 persons what they mean by God and you are sure to get 10 different answers. He has been wrapped in mystery and described in confusing terms by all religious philosophers and theologians and none of them has been able to tell what He looks like and where he lives. The scriptures of different religions differ in their definition of Him. Even the different scriptures of the same religion present varying definitions of Him. For example, in the Hindu scripture Yoga Shastra of Patanjali, God is that particular person who possesses six qualities. In Sankhya Darshan, Kapil Muni says whether there is a God cannot be proved. In spite of all these differences almost all the scriptures as well as religious philosophers say one definite thing about Him, and that is, He is the creator and supreme ruler of the universe. By creator they mean that He has created the earth, moon, sun, matter, creatures all big and small and all that fills the void of the universe, whether the invisible atoms or the giant heavenly bodies. Supreme Ruler means that He rules over all the creatures and destinies. The Sun and the Moon take their courses by His will and not the tiniest bit of anything can move without His will and consent. Whatever happens in the world, happens only when He wishes it to happen.In this book, I have tried to analyze the question of existence of God from various points of view prevailing today in different individuals on the basis of their own consciousness and judgement. I have also tried to analyse what is God’s relevance in our day to life today and how. However, I have left the final choice of opinion/faith to each individual on the basis of his own consciousness and judgement.

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