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Jyotish Sagar

Gheranda Samhita

Gheranda Samhita

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Gheranda Samhita (Edit With Sveta English Comentary Of Mrs. Shweta Bhatta) – Goswami Prahalad Giri

One of the most important from of yoga is Hathayoga inwhich a Yogi tries to attain Samadhi by the purification of bodyand physical excercise. Gheranda Samhita is an oldest Sanskrit texton Hathayoga. It is in the from of dialogue between Gheranda Muni and Candakapali who desiresto gain knowledge about the Yogic science and requests Gheranda Muni to reveal this scienceto him. Gheranda Muni explains the Six purificatory processes namely. Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Lauliki,Trataka and Kapalabharti and also the thirty two important Asanas, twenty five mudras, Pratyahara-Yoga, Pranayama, Dhyanayoga and Samadhiyoga, This translation work by Mrs. Shweta Bhatta, Who hasdone a very goodjob is valuable contributionto the Literature on Yoga and most useful to those who are interested in the subject of yoga.

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