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Jyotish Sagar



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Numerous are the names and various are the paths of one and the same reality. Some call it God, some call it truth, and some call it everlasting happiness. God, for me, is truth, and truth is that which exists in all times- the past, present and future. It is self- existent; it was never born, so it never dies. It is the fountainhead of light and love. Searching for God, without knowing the truth, is in vain, for God is the ultimate truth. A human being, through the highest of all living creatures, is still an unfinished being, longing for perfection, longing for a state of freedom from pains and miseries- and this leads him to seek the realization of truth. That truth is both within and without, so one can directly attain it by realizing the truth within himself. It is possible to do this. God will inspire seekers of enlightenment to find this ultimate reality." (from the Introduction by Swami Rama)

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