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Jyotish Sagar

Hora Sara

Hora Sara

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Hora Sara is an ancient treatise on Hindu astrology, specifically as it relates to Divination. It was written in Sanskrit Sloka format. Its author, Prithuyasas, was the son of Varahamihira. The book comprises 1209 Sanskrit slokas (included). This might be Santhanam's first published translation. In various places I wished I could read Sanskrit, or that the translation was more complete. Santhanam tends to omit the name of what the sloka is referring to, leaving us to guess. Such as the beginning of chapter 17, on Ashtakavarga. Santhanam gives the values of the dots, but only Sanskrit for what the dots are for. We might presume the first section is Sun, the second for the Moon, etc., but for each, there are eight divisions. For those of you who know Sanskrit, or who are determined.

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