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Jyotish Sagar



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Jatakalankara is a brief Sanskrit treatise comprising one hundred twenty-five slokas or verses on the predictive part of Hindu astrology written in the classic Sloka format in the Srgdhara meter. It was written by Poet Ganesa, son of Gopal Das in the year 1613 and describes many yoga-formations that have immediate bearing on various aspects of human life.

1. A brief introduction to the twelve houses and the planetary interrelationships.
2. Detailed treatment of each of the twelve houses of the horoscope with description of several planetary combinations relevant to each house.
3. A chapter on yogas, or specific planetary dispositions, that deals comprehensibly with the numerous aspects of an individual, including physical, mental, intellectual, financial, sexual and social.
4. A detailed account of astrological indications of various medical ailments, highlighting subtle principles of medical astrology.
5. A complete chapter on the highly important subject of determination of longevity, indicating numerous yogas that determine the various life-spans.
6. The book is profusely illustrated to elucidate its rich astrological content.

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