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Parashar Hora ( Shatadhyai ) Vol-1 Vol-2

Parashar Hora ( Shatadhyai ) Vol-1 Vol-2

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Parashar Hora ( Shatadhyai ) Vol-1 Vol-2:-The basic purpose of this book is to tell the young readers how the Hora Shastra has been derived from the Vedas.  The subject of Hora is to tell the sacred time of the destiny of the person whose two modes are Dasha and Transit.  The calculation of this period shows the reduced instruments of the universe - the constellations and the rotation of the Sun and the Moon on that circle.  The description of which is given with Vedic context.  The planets are the indicators of the fruits of action, whose worship in the sacred Vedic hymns is considered symbolically the quality of the planets, the nature (karakatva).  The karma-fruits-pleasing and sad events are told from the picture (medium) in the form of emotion.  The expressions have also been taken symbolically from the Brahmasutras.

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