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Jyotish Sagar



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The only objective of Pt. Arun Kumar Sharma's writing of stories has been to present the spiritual subjects like Yoga Tantra, Astrology, Religion Culture etc. in front of the general public with the help of incidents so that they can become familiar with them. In this way, Sharmaji has created a new trend of narrative style in the field of fiction. The number of stories written by Shri Sharmaji in the last five decades cannot be counted on one finger. It would not be inappropriate to say here that the life of Shri Sharmaji has been mysterious. Even he himself is a mystery. Looking at his naturally sociable personality, innocent and friendly behavior as well as his simple life, it never seems that how many painful and difficult journeys the soul, housed in a thin, tall and dignified old body, has undertaken in search of truth. Only the one who understands how much suffering he has endured and how much sorrow he has endured, can understand his introverted mysterious personality, not the common man. Sharmaji gives wonderful explanations of Yoga-Tantra, Astrology, Shastra, Upanishads, Vedas-Puranas and Philosophy. Sharmaji's original specialty is to make esoteric and mysterious subjects simple, understandable and heart-warming and present them in his own simple language. Pick up his book, read it, then you will have no desire to separate it from yourself. The person who wrote continuously for the first fifty years still says that he has not written anything yet. If seen, in a way what he is saying is also true. His long-term self-dedicated self-experiential knowledge and his inner spiritual experiences have not been fully expressed in a book or in any other form.

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